Jufei Optoelectronics IPO suffered a "temporary cancellation review"

Text / Senior Engineer LED Industry Research Institute senior analyst Ye Xiaoli

On July 4th, the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission published the "Announcement of the 45th Working Meeting of the GEM Board of Auditors in 2011". The announcement shows that the audit committee will issue an IPO to Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. on July 8. The initial application is for review.

However, just one day before the meeting, on the evening of July 7, the CSRC published a supplementary notice on the official website of the GEM Board of Auditors' 45th Working Meeting in 2011. Feiguang Co., Ltd. still has related matters that need further implementation. The CSRC decided to cancel the 45th GEM Board meeting to review the company's issuance of the declaration documents.

Just over a month ago, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, another LED packaging company in Shenzhen, just succeeded in IPO.

Strengthen supervision of a sudden and devastating way enterprises IPO invitation to confusion
Driven by favorable industrial policies, the LED industry has developed rapidly in the capital market in the past two years. Since 2010, Guoxing Optoelectronics has successfully landed on small and medium-sized boards. Up to now, seven domestic LED companies have successfully listed, and the success rate of IPO will reach 100%. This does not include more than dozens of listed companies that have crossed the LED industry.

However, as the number of companies listed on the GEM continues to increase, the regulatory systems of various departments are becoming more stringent. "At present, many companies are listed on IPOs. The purpose is not to engage in the main business, but to "circle money." Then engage in investment activities in real estate, securities and other fields." Wang Shouren, executive vice president and secretary general of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association The high-tech LED reporter said, "The CSRC wants to establish a sound alliance. If it is not strictly checked before the listing, the company will not be better off after the listing."

Tong Ziping, vice president of Shenzhen Tongchuang Weiye Venture Capital Co., Ltd., also said the same view in an interview with Gaogong LED reporter: “Enterprises can raise funds through financing, but if the company’s main business is profitable and growth is too poor. After the financing, the company will not immediately have a positive impact on the company's performance. The business will be in trouble, the financing will never be filled like a bottomless pit, and the high growth of the company will not be discussed. Therefore, the regulatory department Should be strictly guarded."

As of press time, another Shenzhen LED company, Shenzhen Lianjian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., has passed the preliminary review of the CSRC and is scheduled to be reviewed on July 15.

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