Several factors that ensure the quality of LED large screen

With the improvement of human living standards and the advancement of science and technology, the application of led large screens in the society has become more and more extensive. However, after purchasing LED large screens, how to ensure that LED large screens can be applied well? What are the major factors that ensure the quality of LED large screens?

First of all, the complex temperature has a great influence on the LED large screen. The LED display is very picky about the ambient temperature. In theory, it is ideal for room temperature at around 25 °C. But in fact, the ambient temperature of the outdoor display is quite complicated in the application. The highest temperature in summer may be above 60 °C, and the lowest temperature in winter may be below -20 °C. The quality of the large LED screen works at this undulating temperature. Have a great impact. Under different temperature conditions, the red, green and blue lamps have different brightness attenuation and decrease. At 25 °C, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ° C, the brightness of the three colors of LEDs are normal. It has a declining value, and its attenuation value is inconsistent, so it will cause the brightness of the whole screen to drop and color cast, and the quality of the whole screen will decrease. At high temperature, the IC in the large LED screen will work due to the high temperature. Unstable, or different temperature drift, resulting in inter-channel current or excessive difference between the sheets resulting in a flower screen. So the constant temperature is very important.

Second is the importance of the power supply. Since the power supply is under different temperature conditions, its working stability, output voltage value and load capacity will be different. Because it is responsible for logistics support, its guarantee capability directly affects the quality of the screen. Due to the different performance and stability, the price of power supply equipment of different brands and specifications also has considerable differences. Therefore, when choosing, you must pay attention to the matching of power and performance.

Finally, the cabinet design is very important for the display screen. On the one hand, it has circuit protection, on the other hand, it is safe, and it also has dustproof and waterproof effects. But more importantly, the design of the thermal circuit system for ventilation and heat dissipation is good. As the startup time increases and the external temperature increases, the thermal drift of the components also increases, resulting in poor image quality. Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is a necessary indicator for the design of the cabinet.

However, for some well-known LED large-screen enterprises, companies regard the brand as their life and will never easily hurt their brand image for short-term benefits. Therefore, it is best to choose a well-known brand when choosing a large LED screen. The above points are important factors to ensure the LED large screen, I hope that the majority of customers can learn from.

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