Breakdown 2011 hot LED products and solutions

LED applications are like a science madman with a changing interest, and the hot market shifts very quickly. Although the backlight still maintains huge market demand in 2011, indoor, outdoor and professional lighting applications will become the focus and hot spot. Many semiconductor manufacturers have launched unique products to cope with market changes. In the future, some companies may focus on the backlight field, while others may focus on the lighting field through technology upgrades.

LED backlight performance continues to increase

The Atmel mSilica MSL2100 is a flexible, highly integrated multi-string LED array driver that uses an external MOSFET to provide high LED string drive current, and its power control section manages three power supplies for maximum efficiency. In LCD-TV backlight applications, the driver can be connected to the video subsystem for easy synchronization. Up to 16 mSilica MSL2100 drives can be connected to the same system to drive multiple LED strings. The mSilica MSL2100 driver provides a variety of LED brightness control methods by controlling the peak current and pulse width of the LED string drive signal.

The Microsemi DAZL! 2000 family of LED driver solutions includes a 32-port logic chip (LX24232) and an 8-port LED driver power chip (LX23108L). Its main features include: adaptive power control of the backlight unit to improve system efficiency; SPI communication bus connected to the video controller or external FPGA; flexible scanning interface with programmable phase delay function for each channel Configurable PWM frequency; advanced LED current settings optimized for 3D support; LED string voltage monitoring for fault detection and protection; FET array with internal thermal protection; up to four LED controllers per use An 8-port LED driver for optimal heat distribution; +/-2% high-precision channel current regulation; optional FPGA/MCU control module for closed-loop control of LED luminosity.

LED is competing with traditional lighting sources

IR's IRS2548D Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) control IC targets energy-efficient applications for high-power LED lighting, including LED street lighting, stadium lighting, and theater lighting. By integrating two control stages into a single IC, the new IRS2548D provides an integrated solution for LED power supplies that simplifies design and helps reduce overall system cost while saving significant energy. The IRS2548D integrates power factor correction (PFC) and half-bridge drivers in a single IC, providing more than 88% efficiency for 40V/1.3A HBLED loads, providing more than the same type of flyback at power levels above 60W. A more efficient solution for converter solutions. The two-stage PFC and resonant half-bridge method achieves over 90% efficiency over the 100-200W power range typically used for LED street lighting. The new device is capable of PWM, can dim the light output to less than 2%, and offers a range of protection features including programmable PFC and half-bridge overcurrent protection, lock-in immunity and ESD protection.

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