Reminder reminder: buyers do not reasonably forget to "install"

Many reporters of the “extra-paying” project came to a number of stores in the city to conduct detailed investigations on TV, air-conditioning, stoves and other special areas. The survey found that the length of the outdoor connecting pipe of the air conditioner exceeds three meters and the consumer needs to purchase it separately. The price ranges from 80 yuan to 120 yuan per meter. More than two sockets are not available.

The 1140V mining intrinsically safe and Explosion Proof Drive produced by FGI adopts the IGBT clamped three-level topology. The output voltage waveform is an approximate sine wave formed by superposition, and the higher harmonic components are significantly lower than the two-level inverter`s. The interference to the power grid and control system has improved significantly. This explosion proof Variable Frequency Drive is used in coal mine scraper conveyors, high-power tape conveyor and winch control, etc.

1140V Explosion-proof VFD

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