iPhone listed in South Korea today has been booked 50,000

iPhone listed in South Korea today has been booked 50,000

On November 28th, according to foreign media reports, the Apple iPhone will officially land on the Korean market today, and according to the cooperation operator KT, users have already booked 53,000 iPhones.

The imminent launch of the iPhone has caused great repercussions in South Korea. The industry generally believes that the iPhone may break the dominance of local Korean mobile phone manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG.

Na Hae-bin, a market researcher at an Internet company, said: "I can't wait to buy an iPhone, and my heartbeat has accelerated now."

According to KT, the iPhone ’s carrier partner in South Korea, since the launch of the iPhone reservation and purchase service on November 22, consumer orders have reached 53,000.

Hwang Sung-jin, an analyst at PrudenTIal Securities Investment Company in Seoul, said: "The launch of the iPhone is bound to make the competition in the Korean mobile phone market more exciting, especially with local manufacturers Samsung and LG."

In contrast, South Korea ’s largest mobile operator, SK Telecom, said earlier this month: "In terms of sales and profits, there are currently many signs of dissatisfaction. In addition to true Apple fans, the probability of iPhone being accepted by ordinary users is very low." Therefore, SK also postponed its plan to sell the iPhone.

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