Giant Network launches the first mobile version of the game optimistic about 3G wireless applications

Giant Network launches the first mobile version of the game optimistic about 3G wireless applications
The first web game "Golden Kingdom" was officially closed for testing, in order to facilitate the majority of mobile phone users, this time the package launched a mobile version, some analysts pointed out that "Golden Kingdom" landing on the mobile platform is conducive to the further expansion of the influence of web games and rank in the field.

At present, web games are still unable to compete with client online games on home computer platforms in terms of screen expressiveness, player interaction, and profit models. The gameplay of strategic wars also has the problem of long construction time for high-level buildings. "We are developing I also noticed this problem. Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, and the cost is getting lower and lower. Therefore, we wondered whether we can transfer construction, tasks, and other confrontational and low-traffic game functions to the mobile phone platform to facilitate players to play games. . "Said Wen Xuhua, producer of" The Golden Kingdom. "

Players can log on to "Golden Kingdom" anytime and anywhere via mobile phones (, complete daily tasks, build various buildings, explore and recruit NPC heroes, or interact with other players in the neutral city. The realization of the field combat function on the mobile phone platform has also been included in the research and development plan.

Wen Xuhua said that the mobile phone version has a simple interface and low traffic, and players spend very little on games. With the further upgrade of mobile phones and the cost reduction of high-end mobile phones, the days of full-page games landing on mobile platforms are not far away.

"Golden Kingdom" is the first self-developed web game on Giant Network, and also the first web game that combines role-playing and war strategy in a horizontal version. Players will play a medieval adventurer in the game, sailing from the old continent to the mysterious golden country. There are three races to choose from in the game. They are modeled after the ancient Greek republican politics, the Ibero Union with the House system, the descendants of crusader warriors, the pious and brave incarnation of the Knights Templar, and the joint actions of the emerging business class Will organize the Rhine Chamber of Commerce. Players need to plan their own territory's internal development, military formation model, diplomatic policy, hero training, equipment collection, field search, and a series of methods to strengthen their strength. Strengthen military support for one's own forces by joining a military alliance. At the same time, you can obtain your own resources or strategic locations through war.
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