GPS radio navigation system, most of the radiation exceeds the standard positioning is not allowed

GPS radio navigation system, most of the radiation exceeds the standard positioning is not allowed

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a quality supervision and random inspection of the car GPS navigator. Of the 40 batches of products, 3/4 were unqualified, and the batch pass rate was only 25%. Not only is the positioning of some GPS products inaccurate, but also the radiation of half of the navigators exceeds the standard, which is equivalent to carrying a mobile phone in the call for a long time!

In the random inspection of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, it was found that most of the important parameters of GPS products are false reports. The system of 21 batches of products out of 40 batches has no longitude and latitude information displayed, and the positioning accuracy cannot be tested. Of the remaining 19 batches of navigators, 9 failed in positioning accuracy. More than 50% of GPS vehicle navigation products "radiation interference field strength" project is unqualified, and its radiation intensity is equivalent to a mobile phone during a call, which is a threat to human health. Experts point out that since there are no entry barriers for car navigation systems, some of the navigation systems sold in the Guangzhou and Shenzhen markets are assembled by buying parts by the stall itself.

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